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Protect against acidic water


Have you noticed blue-green stains around faucets and drains? It’s a sign of a larger problem: acidic water corroding your metal pipes and appliances. EasyWater Acid Shield neutralizes acidic water with a customized calcium-based media blend that’s effortless to use and maintain.

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  • Eliminates metallic taste caused by acid water
  • Prevents pinhole leaks and protects water-using appliances

  • Uses no salt or chemicals
  • Flow-through design available if electrical and drain are not available

  • Perfect for well water with a pH below 7, or below 8 when used in conjunction with Iron Shield+ for remediation of black manganese staining


The goodness of natural calcium

Pure and uncomplicated, calcium and other minerals are nature’s way of keeping water in a a neutral and uncorrosive state. Acid Shield uses those same minerals, in a blend formulated to be just right for your water.


How It Works

Acid Shield + No-Salt Conditioner


Neutralize acidic water plus limescale protection for your plumbing and appliances.

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Acid Shield + No-Salt Conditioner + Iron Shield+


Neutralize acidic water, plus whole home stains, sulfur odor, hard water, and toxin protection.

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