Protect Your Home

Whether your water comes from your city or from a private well, you might have noticed that water can do some serious damage to your home. The EasyWater family of products combine quality engineering and a thoughtful eye to the details. The result? Powerful, reliable protection against clogged pipes, short-lived appliances, rust, black or blue stains, pinhole leaks, reduced flow rate in the shower, and more. EasyWater lets you keep those repair dollars in your pocket, and enjoy the time you spend in your home.


Eliminate Hard Water Deposits Hard water is tough on plumbing and appliances. The patented electronic scale control technology in the EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner actually breaks down and removes hard water deposits inside pipes, appliances, showerheads, faucets and irrigation lines, so your home stays in tip-top shape – with a lot less work.

No More Iron Stains Clean-up is a breeze when you have EasyWater Iron Shield+ working for you. Our proprietary filtration media oxidizes iron inside the water treatment tank, so it never has a chance to appear on your shower walls, tubs and sinks. Chemical-free means it’s perfect for your yard and driveway, too!

Neutralize Acidic Water Acidic water can actually dissolve the metal in your plumbing, eventually leading to pinhole leaks and failed appliances. EasyWater Acid Shield’s mineral-based media neutralizes acidic water so your home stays leak-free, and your water heater and other appliances stay in great shape shape for a long, long time.

Protect Your Health


Your water might not make you sick. That’s a good start, but with thousands of unknown and identified contaminants, and federal regulations that only require the remediation of about 100 of them, you need better protection. EasyWater’s line of whole-home and point of use solutions elevate your water way beyond simply “safe” with features your body will thank you for, like toxin-absorbing coconut carbon, true 5-stage reverse osmosis, and our patented clean media technology . And if your water does make you sick? We’ve got a solution for that, too.

Clean Drinking Water
Drink healthy! The RevitaLife Drinking Water System’s true 5-stage reverse osmosis process filters out the hard-to-remove toxins down to .0001 micron, then goes one step further to add back in the natural calcium and trace minerals your body needs.

Toxin-Free Bathing
You are exposed to more disinfection byproducts in a 10 minute shower than you get by drinking tap water all day. Let the proprietary coconut-carbon media in our Toxin Shield line absorb and remove all those toxins instead, and you will know your bathing water is clean.

Guard Against Bacteria and Pathogens
EasyWater has the protection you need to keep you well. Bacteria Shield’s powerful UV technology kills 99.99% of pathogens before they can enter your home, and our Shield+ line features ozone-injection Clean Media Technology to keep bacteria from growing inside the filtration tanks.

Live Better, Naturally

Are you living with discolored, foul-smelling or bad tasting water? Maybe you’re spending too much time maintaining your current water treatment equipment, or it just seems counterintuitive to treat your water by adding nasty chemicals. It’s time to live better. EasyWater uses solutions sourced from nature, like UV rays, ozone, coconut shells and natural calcium to clean up your water and keep it that way. The best part? Powerful performance doesn’t have to be maintenance-heavy, so you can spend your time on better things.


Low or No Maintenance
Stop thinking about your water treatment. From our maintenance-free No-Salt hard water solution, to the quick-connect replacement filters on RevitaLife, EasyWater products are designed to be just that. Easy. Choose to self-install and maintain, or work with one of our dealers nationwide. It’s up to you.

Always Chemical-Free
We made the choice more than 25 years ago, and it still stands today: no salt, no chemicals. So how do we do it? With powerful solutions sourced from nature. You can feel good about choosing EasyWater, knowing that every solution we provide is good for people and good for the planet.

Easy on the Senses
Enjoy your water again. It will smell better, taste better, and even feel better. Choose Iron Shield+ for rotten egg odor, or rusty or discolored well water, or Toxin Shield+ or Toxin Shield Cartridge if you’re tired of the itchy skin and chlorine odor of city water.