Case Studies


Andrew Jackson Condos Maintaining a salt-based water softener can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming, especially when that softener is serving a 63-unit condo complex. Read more »


Arby’s Arby’s Restaurants, a well-known national fast food chain, turned to EasyWater for solutions to their hard water problems. Read more »


Richard Haldeman Richard Haldeman has had a salt-based water softener for over 25 years. With his home on well water, treatment was a necessity. Read more »


Theresa Miller The water in Theresa Miller’s home is supplied by the water utility in her small town just west of Indianapolis. Although most cities… Read more »


Kite Realty The Kite Realty corporate office in downtown Indianapolis had been using their traditional water softener for many years, and the facilities engineer… Read more »


Harold Schaffer Too often water heaters are ignored until they show symptoms of impending failure: crackling noises, reduced water temperature, decrease in pressure and… Read more »


Acorn Plumbing Just over three years ago, Brent Harris, owner of Acorn Plumbing in Omaha, NE, had a problem to solve… Read more »


Beltz Mechanical When Michael Beltz, owner of Beltz Mechanical of Freeland, MI, received a report of leaky plumbing from the owners of a Bay City home… Read more »


Cornerstone Services Andy Dennis, service manager at Cornerstone Services in upstate NY, was hearing regular requests from his customers for an alternative to their salt-using water softeners. Read more »


Cowart Water Treatment A lot of natural lakes, swamps and ponds add up to smelly, discolored and foul tasting water in the Valdosta, GA area. Read more »


Firehouse Subs Hard water was a big problem for Firehouse Subs in Chandler, AZ. Food steamers and holding units required difficult maintenance in order to remain operational… Read more »


Machine Shop A precision machine shop in New Hampshire had a costly and time consuming problem. The CNC machine they use to fabricate medical products… Read more »


M. E. Flow Mike Hays, the Service Manager with M.E. Flow in northern Virginia, has a shed behind his house full of water treatment products and gimmicks that… Read more »


Ronald Regnier With a home in Lake Havasu with very hard water, Ronald Regnier was familiar with the challenges presented by traditional salt using water softeners. Read more »